Tokusatsu for Girls Panel: Katsucon 2013

For anyone going to Katsucon next month (February 15-17th in Maryland) I’ll be running  ”Tokusatsu for Girls” on Friday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30! Along with my co-hosts Yugikitsune and Zipchan, I’ll be discussing why I love tokusatsu and why there need to be more girls in this fandom! We’ll be covering broad topics like the characters, the music, the costume designs, the fight choreography, and of course those ships that give us all of the feels, and how adorable/hot/unf the actors are (or, hey, actresses. We don’t judge). Audience participation is highly encouraged! We’ll be giving a rundown of what tokusatsu is and a few series that we think are good for getting new fans into the fandom, but also getting into very specific discussions of aspects of the different series.

Note that this panel is absolutely NOT “girls only” but guys, if you do show up then be respectful of our opinions, okay? TROLLS WILL BE RIDER KICKED OUT OF THE PANEL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Major spoilers also will not be tolerated!

It’s surprisingly fun to jog to Super Sentai opening themes. :D


I miss this team….

Always room for Shinkenger on my blog

OYAKATA-SAMA! TONO-SAMA! *complete adoration*